Comb and Running Water Bootie

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Comb bootie is a fruit of In Her Shoes;  a participatory art project which is composed of 7 different hand-woven booties featuring a ‘healing’ symbol each, as well as their interpretation by 7 female performance and dance artists. 

Comb is a precaution against the evil eye. The motifs of hand, finger and a comb represent that the fingers protect (the weaver or the user) from the evil eye. The motif of hand gathers fruitfulness and good luck.
Running Water
In Anatolia and eastern civilizations water is a precious substance that sustains and nourishes life. Running water is also symbolic of the possibility of inner purification.

As with almost all handmade pieces; the booties can be woven in slightly different ways though the essential design is always the same. We believe that these unique imperfections are the reason to love them more. 

Handmade by Emine