Rose and Scorpio Bootie

Rose and Scorpio Bootie

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Rose and Scorpio bootie is a fruit of In Her Shoes;  a participatory art project which is composed of 7 different hand-woven booties featuring a ‘healing’ symbol each, as well as their interpretation by 7 female performance and dance artists.

motifs used on the border express hope for good luck and happiness.
Repeated use of the scorpion motif means the bootie was woven as a means of protection against malice. The scorpion can also be used as a symbol of pride and liberty.

The half comb is a symbol of evil eye and prosperity. 


Handmade by Ayfer.

As with almost all handmade pieces; the booties can be woven in slightly different ways though the essential design is always the same. We believe that these unique imperfections are the reason to love them more.