We craft stories with communities



We are a community engaged art studio that crafts incomplete works inspired by and later on completed with the creative power of different communities and their stories.

We believe in a magical correlation between fiction, empathy and creativity. In collaboration with NGOs, we design 12 week-long thematic workshop series for different and diverse communities. While these workshops that are instructed by several artists from various disciplines are being built on narratives, we aim to tackle the challenging task of redefining ‘welfare’ for all.

With this purpose in mind, each thematic series focuses on different social and ecological issues such as Gender Equality, Climate Action, or Life Below Water. This particular focus strives for reducing inequality amongst different communities in terms of reaching out to depths of the related issues and the available resources. For that purpose; we try to encourage children and adults to go in for critical thinking and to question their stored memories as well as their stories and galaxies.

To explore the real potential of the different communities and help them rediscover themselves as ‘dreamers’ and ‘creators’, we create outcomes being inspired by the whole process.

We do care for the human touch and human rights. Our art works are human-made following ethical production principles.

We do care for nature. Our pieces are made from natural, ecological and/or recycled materials.

We do care for solidarity. Our works are the outcome of unique collaborations among brave initiatives, wise artisans and enthusiastic artists.

All of our profit is recycling back to dream and to create with new communities.

A Dream to Create

INCOMPLIT X Small Projects Istanbul

'Little Lantern' by Ghassan Kanafani

INCOMPLIT X Small Projects Istanbul

For their dreams and adventures, forever nurture one another

INCOMPLIT X Small Projects Istanbul