As INCOMPLIT, between January and March 2018, we have organized a 12-week workshop program with Syrian and Turkish kids nurtured by ASAM, an international NGO. These workshops, facilitated by various artists, have encouraged children to complete an incomplete fairy tale via various methods, be it character development, dance choreography or a multi-vocal chorus. The fairy tale pertained with three mermaids' struggle with trash.

After each performative activity we asked children to visualize their performance by drawing. We found plastic bottles swimming next to octopuses in their drawings.

Inspiring from this 3 month long journey we created Drop; a collection to remind you that each choice counts for earth; as each drop does.

Because as Rumi says:

‘You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.’

All the pieces have some embroideries symbolizing the drawings of the kids while all the fabrics used in the collection are 100% cotton and upcycled nylon. 


Drop by INCOMPLIT from INCOMPLIT on Vimeo.






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