We believe that welfare should be described not in limited terms but as all-embracing, covering not only the human race but also what, in our arrogance, we call lower beings-animals and birds, insects and plants, as well as ‘natural’ formations, such as mountains and oceans. In addition to the horrors that mankind has perpetrated upon its own members, we have also indulged in a rapacious and ruthless exploitation of the natural environment.

Thousands of species have become extinct, millions of acres of forest and other natural habitat laid waste, the land and the air poisoned the great oceans themselves, the earliest reservoirs of life, polluted beyond belief. And all this has happened because of a limited concept of welfare, an inability to grasp the essential unity of all things, a stubborn refusal to accept the earth not as a material object to be manipulated at will but as a shining, spiritual entity that has over billions of years nurtured consciousness up from the slime of the primeval ocean to where we are today.

All life forms- humans, animals and plants are equal and sacred, and thus appropriately placed to take on contemporary concerns like deforestation, intensive farming of animals, global warming and climate change.

We need to ensure that people, animals and all of nature live together in harmony and recreate the beautiful environment.

Between December 2018 and March 2019 INCOMPLIT has organized 12-week workshop program with Syrian and Turkish kids nurtured by ASAM ( The Association for Solidarity Asylum Seekers and Migrants). These workshops facilitated by various artists and instructors were built under the theme of 'Wilderness and Human Relationship'.

Aside, once more INCOMPLIT wanted to show the children that their imaginative projection along with their creative potential is worth to carry on ourselves as our signs of identification.

Inspiring from these 3-month long journey INCOMPLIT created Rewild, a collection to remind us that

 ‘ Wild is Wise.’

The theme of the workshop series,the collection and the photo shoot is a parable of the reflection of where our civilization is headed. 




The cut flower or the pot in our living room, which one connects us better to the lower beings a.k.a the nature? 




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