Atelier Beaux Rêves

For NoLab Made in Türkiye exhibition, we explored the skating culture which is spreading fast all around the world but has no foundation in Turkey. Alongside, we explored the stories of children who can survive on the street only with a sense of belonging to this culture. 

Unfortunately as with any subculture, in Turkey we undermine the skating culture. We wanted to pay some respect to this culture.

The importance those skater kids attach to skateboarding was far greater than we could imagine before meeting and dreaming with them. This time we haven't read them a story but we built the story with them. We dreamed of skating back to old times and coming across with a storyteller. We chose the words which would describe their feelings about this passion and they painted these feelings. The drawings of the skater kids have been reinterpreted by a talented illustrator and hand-drawn to silk fabrics to complete the INCOMPLIT.  

The story starts as follows: If I were to encounter a storyteller as I was cruising against the wind, and if he were to tell me a tale with soundbites unknown; with which words would I hear what I feel, what I wish, what I paint? Which meanings are worth expressing, even when they are incomplete?


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