We are a social initiative that crafts incomplete garment designs, which are then completed using the creative power of children and stories.

We believe in a magical correlation between story, empathy and creativity. We facilitate story-completing ateliers to explore disadvantaged children's potential as ‘dreamers’ and as ‘creators.’ The time and effort of these beautiful talents become embroideries to complete the INCOMPLIT designs. 

Under our label, we donate a fair portion of the profit to the NGO with whom we collaborate with.

We do care for the human touch and human rights. Our products are human-made following ethical production principles.

We do care for nature. Our products are made from natural, ecological and/or recycled materials.

We do care for solidarity. Our products are the outcome of unique collaborations among brave initiatives, wise artisans and enthusiastic designers.

Let's create a space for children to write their INCOMPLIT stories!