"who made my clothes"


The fashion industry is increasing day by day. This growth encourages consumers to buy more and the manufacturer to the goods more cheaply. And, unfortunately, there are many values, many labor and people lost in this fast-paced world of consumption.

When our clothes say a lot about us, we do not know much about the stories behind them. We do not know how many people have contributed, how many hands have touched or how many tears poured.

However, after the Rana Plaza tragedy brings great sound "Fashion Revolution" showed head movement called. The economic power of the fashion industry is an undeniable fact, but Fashion Revolution thinks that everybody can make a revolution in the sector with small changes.

With the Fast Revolution trend, brands began to pay more attention to being more transparent, more even, cleaner and more hidden to the heroes behind their clothes.

INCOMPLIT always try to advocate this, and we want you to know our hidden heroes so we joined part of the "who made my clothes" trend!


If all of us do something, we can make a big change.


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