Sustainable Fashion

"Sustainable fashion" is a concept which all of us are quite familiar with nowadays. What is sustainable fashion?  It is a system which can be ecological, transformable and also cares about consumers and producers, and adopts the utilitarian principle. But how sensitive are we individually?

Every morning we start the day with asking ourselves "what should I wear today?". However, we can never find what to wear that day while staring at a pile of our clothes. Because we have nothing to wear!

But how about people that actually have nothing?

There are real life stories behind our clothes which we do not appreciate enough.

Does it concern you who makes your clothes and in what conditions? Or do you buy your clothes just for "fashion’s sake" without even questioning what you really like?

Unfortunately, the answer for these questions would be yes for most of us. We do not even know what story we carry on our bodies, we wear clothes as they are only fabrics and then throw them away. Whereas, there are traces of hundreds of hands’ hard work and effort even before we can get a chance to hold them in our hands.

INCOMPLIT made collection of  “Maram Bag” with these traces of hands. In these projects the bags were made by women’s cooperative and the fact that the bags are made of used coffee beans. We did not want to end the story of coffee beans, with Maram Bags made from recycled coffee sacks produced by Sarıyer Women’s Cooperative because we care about the women’s hands’ hard work and effort!



There are 170 million children in the world who are being forced into slave labor. Many of these children are making clothes to meet the demands of fast fashion. In reality, these children suffer grueling hours and unsafe conditions. There is no way out for them, even from a young age.  With no education and no formal skills training, child labor ensures poverty and it passes down from generation to generation.

How sustainable is the world considering that there is still slave labor? Especially in Turkey, the use of child labor by contract manufacturing and contract manufacturing producers in the textile sector has become quite common. A large percentage of children under the age of 18 work informally. Syrian children who fled their country due to the civil war suit contract manufacturers’ book just about right. They want to be integrated here, to start and maintain a new life. Surviving in a strange land, looking after their families, and not to starve push their minds to take all offers without thinking about offers’ conditions. In this is the case, they are willing to work with fugitives below the minimum wage. No one checks over!

We actually make do the greater harm to ourselves by not seeing what is happening behind those magnificent and shiny showcases of big brands. We close our eyes, heart and mind. We ignore the fact that there are actual children’s’ labor behind our flashy clothes. Instead of rescuing those children, we condemn a life that they do not want. These children are valuable, more valuable than the clothes they make, more valuable than minimum wage they take home.

INCOMPLIT carries and appreciates this value. Sustainability and transparency play a crucial role for us.  For this reason, local production with local material is our main principle. The other important point for us is to value people and their affection. That is why we are trying to disregard from contract manufacturers for the protection of artisans. We do not want children to be workers, our wish is for them to be heroes of their own fairy tale. We want to carry their stories not their labor.



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