World’s oceans and seas are under the invasion of plastic waste!


Humankind’s consumption ambition and unconsciousness cause sea pollution to increase day by day. This effects not only marine species but also puts our future at risk too.

With that being said, while we act unconsciously, do we know these facts?

That the wastes at the bottom of our seas stay there for hundreds of years and if no action will be taken seas and water, our most important source of life will slowly vanish, and we will have to going to bear witness to it?

And every year, at least 8 million tons of plastic are interfuse with the ocean?

If an action is not being taken, by the year of 2050 fishes will be outnumbered by the wastes and disposable plastic?

And above all, the biggest problem being the plastic in the oceans and seas?

Let’s look at some statistic!

  • Plastic kills fishes, birds, marine mammals and sea turtles plus destroys habitats and even affects animals’ mating rituals, which can have devastating consequences and can wipe out entire species.


  • The life of 1249 species are hanging by a thread because we pollute our waters.


  • While it's difficult to know the exact figures and numbers, a 2012 report from WSPA indicates that between 57,000 and 135,000 whales are entangled by plastic marine debris every year in addition to the inestimable – but likely millions – of birds, turtles, fishes and other species affected by plastic marine debris.


  • About 70% of the oxygen we breathe in is produced by the oceans.


Graham Hawkes’s “We’re the big brained animals on this planet and we’re putting everything in danger because we don’t really understand the planet as a whole, and human beings, through our consumption and waste, we are messing with the system.” statement actually sums up everything.


What can we do?

  • Decreasing consumption and production of plastic
  • Using recyclable and ecological materials
  • Contributing to the environment through re-use
  • And most importantly, raising awareness about the subject!

Do not forget! Out of the two breaths which we take in have provided us by our oceans that we pollute. If we do not say "stop" to this situation, we will lead our living resources to destruction.

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