Gender Equality is Not a Fantasy

Between September 2019 and December 2019, we set off on another journey handin-hand with children, women, various talented artists and dedicated volunteers towards the enchanting world of fairy tales. During our 12-week long workshop series framed around the theme of gender equality, children were supported with several art fields, which foster their creativity, reinforce intellectual growth while ensuring a healthy emotional developmental process, again under the roof of ASAM (The Association for Solidarity Asylum Seekers and Migrants).

Throughout the whole semester, we tackled folk tales enriched by traditional norms as well as myths woven with masculine and feminine archetypes, firstly by ripping them apart, then examining, interpreting and building alternatives all over again. 


INCOMPLIT invites both children and grown-ups to question heteronormative stereotypes led by our mix&match book including children’s drawings whose profits will completely be donated to SGDD-ASAM.  


Our upcoming project will be organized with a group of committed volunteers as facilitators to emphasize the culture of active citizenship and encourage social engagement. Besides children ateliers, we are designing a gathering with their mothers, where women circle around within a safe environment to share their stories, evoke collective memories, produce, and grow together. Creating a climate of open dialogue among women, we aim to enhance a long-term positive impact on local communities and spread it through different mediums. 

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