In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes is an art work which is composed of 7 different hand-woven booties featuring a ‘healing’ symbol each, as well as their performed interpretation by 7 female performance and dance artists.

The age-old aesthetic hierarchy that privileges certain forms of art over others based on gender associations has historically devalued “women’s work” - specifically because it has been associated with the “domestic” and the “feminine.”

Creating a primal connection between the healing processes of two female-dominant artistic branches, handcrafts and performance art, In Her Shoes celebrates the manifold ways of expression through a needle, a thread and the body itself.

Artist: Öykü Özgencil
Textile Artists: Ayfer Demir, Aynur Yazıcı, Emine Kara, Hatice Ferahlı, Havva Türkel, Nevruz Çiftçi
Performance Artists:  Dila Yumurtacı (Dadans), Melek Nur Dudu (Dadans), Merve Atılgan, Merve Pudre, Merve Uzunosman(Dadans), Pınar Akyüz, Ülkü Çağlayan
Graphic Design: Aleyna Tezer

All the performances have been recorded through the artist's perspectives, in their own spaces. 
We will be publishing them throughout the journey on our Instagram and Youtube accounts.

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