A sustainable increase in women’s employment and women’s active role in economic life are two current issues which are being spoken in our country. Gender discrimination caused by the patriarchal society is a problem that has been felt for a very long time in our society, and the economic imbalances are increasing day by day due to this discrimination.

These imbalances cause women to be isolated at the same time economically and socially, by preventing their work fields. The concept of working in our society has different meanings for men and women.

We aim to create a systematic change, as INCOMPLIT, against the inequalities made in economic and social areas of women’s employment in Turkey. We are trying to help women who live and work in difficult conditions in the country to provide job opportunities and to strengthen their social especially economic strength.

Maram Bag Collection made from used coffee sacks got inspired by an exceptional woman, Marquise de Rambouillet, the first famous Parisian literary salon owner. Unlike other salons mostly frequented by men, her salon encouraged young female writers and poets during endless coffee talks. In these projects, the bags were made by women’s cooperative and the fact that the bags are made of used coffee beans and handcrafted is a favorable example of INCOMPLIT’s not only being environmentally friendly but also giving women a good opportunity for employment.  

In BOND collection, we wanted to show that invisible bonds are more meaningful than visible bonds. We created an invisible bond between housewives and children, gathered under the Nano Knit in Edirne; we gave life to the drawings of disadvantaged children by turning those drawings into jumpers and cardigans. Through our collaboration with women, we aim to offer an area where they can complement their stories, both children, and women; by saying “Your story is as valuable as for me to carry your traces of mind and idea on me!”

We encountered some challenges during this process, when we were trying to add economic vitality to women, we were actually changing their home and family arrangements. It takes a while to do our products; because of this, their housework gets affected. Our work causes them to put a pause at their “duties” at home against their husbands and children. Therefore, we want to support not an only economic field but also their social and psychological development. Apart from the difficulties, there are some risks we have. For instance, each product differentiates in the hands of different women. We are always used to the standard in the world but for us, it is not a problem that every product is “unique”.  For this reason, we are expecting tolerance from our customers with the slips and deficiencies.